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High Quality Nautical Gifts and Accessories

Fine Nautical Gifts

CargoHold...for fine nautical gifts, clocks, barometers, lamps, Authentic Models, aviation memorabilia, bar accessories, brass accessories, cigar accessories, weather instruments, electric lamps, games, men's gifts, model boats and model ships, lighthouse keepsakes, nautical books, nautical books, nautical furnishings, brass oil lamps, replica pub signs, telescopes, wind vanes, and writing instruments.

Treasured nautical decor & memorabila are found at CargoHold in the historic district of Poulsbo, a beautiful and remarkably friendly village of Scandinavian heritage situated on the "Little Fjord" of Liberty Bay in western Washington state. We invite you to stop by for a visit, a walk-about in town, a stroll on the boardwalk, and an enjoyable meal at one of Poulsbo's many fine eateries. Whether you come by float plane, pleasure boat, car, bus, motor home or limo, we think you’ll find many things to savor in “old town” Poulsbo.

This is our first step in developing a comprehensive web site for CargoHold nautical gifts. Following are just a few preliminary selections from the broad spectrum of nautical gifts, accessories, and collector's items offered by CargoHold in Poulsbo. CargoHold welcomed your suggestions for how you want our on-line version of the store to grow. Those of you who have had an opportunity to visit CargoHold nautical gifts in Poulsbo know that we have a great many special things to offer. If you've seen something of particular interest, email us at cargohold@earthlink.net and we'll update our merchandise postings so you can take a look at the items in which you're most interested.


Located at 18864 Front Street Poulsbo, WA 98370

Phone: 1-800-565-2139



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